Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What the F**k?!?!?!?!?

I typed:
he typed: wanna know why we have not lkingbeen t
I typed: yes please
he typed: wanna know why we have not been talking
I typed: yes please
he typed: really
I typed: ok, I will be strong
he typed: be honest with me
I typed: Yes
I typed: I can take it, I like honesty, even if it hurts
he typed: y did u do it
I typed: do what?
he typed: have you ever done anything tome
he typed: as in anything wrong
I typed: no, and if I did, I would hope you would tell me
he typed: i want the honest truth
I typed: I swear on my mom's name I cant remember anything
I typed: I was afraid you were using me when I met you
I typed: that wasn;t nice
I typed: thats all I can remember
I typed: I thought I apoligized for that
I typed: if not, I do apoligize, it wasn't fair.
he typed: hey
he typed: what have you done wrong to me
he typed: i thot we were friends
I typed: Please remind me so I learn from it.
he typed: but i saw some proof of wrong doin pointing towards you
I typed: (his name), I don't do intentionally unkind things
he typed: remember when i was looking for my ex's pic and..... years ago
he typed: i finally found who took it
I typed: You think I stole a picture from you?
he typed: but i would not do anything but i want to know why
he typed: not a pic
he typed: come on dont play dumb on me
he typed: you know what i am talking about
I typed: I am serious (His name), I am not playing dumb
he typed: hey
he typed: you dont want me to get mad do you?
I typed: Go ahead and get mad
he typed: k
I typed: but please be clear
he typed: ttyl
I typed: (His name), what reason do I have to play dumb
I typed: I know I was not fully trusting of you years ago
he typed: we will see who is really gonna be in trouble
I typed: but that was laa men
I typed: Why dont you be clear please
I typed: years ago it was all men I didnt trust
I typed: please just say what you mean?
he typed: what did u do with ma SS card?
I typed: I will take accountability for anything I do wrong
he typed: social security card
I typed: You think I took your social security card?
I typed: What motivation would I have to take that?
he typed: still not being truthful
he typed: good
I typed: Honestly, why would I?
he typed: i would show you why i am saying all this
I typed: What makes you think of me?
he typed: it is big proof
I typed: (His name)
he typed: dont worry till i get done
I typed: I have had nothing to do with your SScard
he typed: i will show you what i have
he typed: so u can explain it
I typed: I am not concerned, I know my name will be cleared
he typed: ok
I typed: I am really curious though
he typed: where con we meet tomorrow
he typed: can i meant
I typed: we can meet now at caribou
he typed: u mean u did not do it
I typed: No
I typed: absoulutly on my mothers grave!
I typed: I wouldnt say that
he typed: then why do i have ur old cell phone number
he typed: on ma shit
I typed: what have I done to you that is psycho
I typed: and what have other people done to you that is psycho
I typed: maybe it was revenge from me "stealing" you from your psycho ex?
I typed: do you want to meet today?
I typed: We can walk into a police station together
he typed: i want to know what has been goin on
I typed: I swear I dont even know what tyou are talking about (I am guessing things)
he typed: k what do you think happened
I typed: I dont blame you
I typed: well I am guessing some identity theft thing
he typed: but do u remember when this happened
I typed: no, all I remember is you had said your ex had my address, which I thought was sortof creepy
he typed: in a computer lab in the west bank
he typed: i am talking about 3 yrs ago
I typed: No, I really don't remember, can you remind me?
he typed: or rather 4 yrs ago
he typed: k
he typed: i will bring what i have
he typed: just dont worry
he typed: we will see tomorrow
I typed: do you want to meet now?
he typed: k?
I typed: I do
he typed: i have stuff to take care of today
I typed: just a sec, let me check my work schedule
he typed: i will let you know when i get done
I typed: ok, because I think I work tomorrow
I typed: I do work tomorrow, can we meet tonight?
I typed: I still wish you would tell me what its about
he typed: i will show you tonite then
I typed: thanks, what time?
I typed: this is freaky
he typed: i lknow it is
he typed: cos i never thot u could do shit like that
I typed: I doubt I could
he typed: cos i truely thot u were a friend
I typed: I have done things wrong to mes hearts
I typed: but I dont break the law (except traffic violations)
I typed: mans
I typed: what time can we meet?
he typed: how about 10pm
I typed: ok, but if you can make it earlier please do, because I have to get up early for work the next day K?
he typed: 10,is the time i have
I typed: Ok, but please squeeze me in if something sooner opens up
I typed: do you want me to bring anything?
he typed: do you remeber your old cell no
I typed: no, can you give me a date, I may have files with it
I typed: what company was it?
I typed: I have had verizon & tracphone
he typed: i will show u all i have
I typed: do you have a date? of when incident (incidents) occured?
he typed: see u tonite
I typed: so I can look in my records

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Jay said...

Wow, this is a little bit crazy and creepy and confusing. I'm all WTF too!