Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hypothesis confirmed- bike ride helped.

The bike ride, and spending time with my sister, helped quite a bit.

When we left I was just annoyed as heck. My roommate Emma, who I do love, has this superiority problem. I think she is pretty wonderful, but if your wonderful you don't need to remind people of it. OG put it so well, people who act superior are actually insecure.

If you are confident in your beliefs and skills, then you arent threatened by people having different beliefs and skills. She doesn't shave her legs or wear make-up, good for her! But that doesn't mean something is wrong with you if you DO wear makeup or shave. I am impressed that she is happy with herself even though she isn't like everyone else, why not just be okay with that? Again, I am glad she is at her boyfriend's (so glad...stay there!)

By the way, what ticked me off so much? She decided to get passive aggressive about a pepper! Yes, a pepper. She was trying to take the whole pepper and I asked her for 1/4 of it. (I picked it out) She wanted to know when I would use it, like what day. She was like this with lettuce and with bread. She didn't want to buy bread because it wasn't on sale. I finally had to say "well I will buy one loaf then" Why would you care enough to want to stop someone from buying bread? I really am going to snap on her soon. She also makes snide comments about the messy house but only ever does dishes and takes out the garbage. She makes less of a mess than I do, but if this were the reason she could pick up her part of the mess and then complain. Instead she sits passivly and feels superior.

OK, that turned into a rant. Oops. Now its time to snuggle up with Hans Hofmann and learn all about what makes him tick.

mood: still crabby, but much less so. A more vigorous ride may have helped, but sister's bike doesn't go as fast (and pacing is a good thing when its only the 3rd ride of the season)

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