Tuesday, April 05, 2005

lets see if the bike ride helps

My sis linda is coming over, we are going on another bike ride today.

Here is how I feel now:

anxious and insecure. I got up the courage to go to the museum library, and an art historian/curator chick was really snotty to me, like I smiled at her and she ignored it...thanks, makes the social phobia MUCH better...what a bitch

Irritated. Emma can leave. I mean really. I really adore her but I have grown bored of her superiority. It's cute at first but it gets old.

Anxious. I put this paper off for too long. thank god Emma is at bf's

Lets see what the bikeride does

mood: crabby

1 comment:

OG said...

bike rides with sisters always help =)
dont mind the silly curator. she doesnt know any better. as for emma ..... i think people who act all superior are extremely insecure and the superiority act is just to cover up for some perceived imperfection. see if u can help her. sometimes all we need is someone who shows that theyll love us, flaws and all.
good luck with the paper. go get em tiger!