Saturday, April 23, 2005

Having a nice time

I am enjoying this trip. Lately we stay with the same crew, so we get to know them, and it makes things alot more fun!

On day one I was still crabby and in shock from the accusation. I had the cast of the tour of "Chicago" who were cool, but also this little twerp who was acting as if I were a waitress who serves 50 people at one time, wants to give you everything, but doesn't expect a tip. When this kid got on the plane he put his feet in the seatback pocket! (I didn't tell him to take them out. I can't remember being told of any Federal Aviation Regulations against putting your feet in the seatback pocket :))As he left the flight this kid gave me the wierdest smile like "you can swoon now" I recognized him was the boy who is famous for being the little brother of a boy who is famous for being in a boy band.

Last night we "hit the town" in Philidelphia. This afternoon we went to a great resturaunt called "Panini's" in Philly, and we are going to go look at tourist sites soon :)

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OG said...

philly is da bestest city in the entire world!!!!!