Sunday, April 03, 2005

Good day

rose flavored beer & concert last night
woke up
went back to bed
decided to not be the same as last good day, so didn't put expectations on myself
read blogs
wrote post, learned some HTML
put away dishes
hung up clothes
laundered bathmats & shower curtain
scrubbed shower floor
scrubbed kitchen floor
talked friend through crisis
went bike riding with sister
gave her old bike, made her day
bonded like crazy
went to coffee shop with creepy gathering taking place
left coffee shop
decided to go to resturaunt/bar together
couldnt find place
went to another place
saw another childhood friend
got kicked out of resturaunt bar for only having a passport, expired ID, and photocopy of valid ID
went to cute middle eastern deli
met cute egyptian who went to the college my roommate might go to
got to look at cute egyptian who lingered at our table
still 40 minutes left of day to enjoy

mood: blessed

1 comment:

OG said...

im glad ur day was this awesome. hope u have many more like this =)