Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Fartleking is the best possible thing to be doing! Trust me I have ALOT of experience in this!"

It's been a long day. But I am totally ok with that.

Yesterday I went to a baseball game with my sister Linda. We had a blast. It was fun watching the game, but we could not have been more stereotypical, we talked non-stop for nearly the entire 2nd half of the game! If thats not bad enough we talked about weight loss and other stereotypical women things. Yes we were rude. I wish we had sat farther away from every one so we were less abnoxious, but in our defense, we were in our own row, and the people around us were in their own rows one or two behind us.

3 times last night we broke out in uncontrollable laughing. People, when this happens, cherish it. The ability is not guarunteed. During the last 3 years I hardly was able to laugh at all. I could be amused, but the laughter rarely came naturally. The first laughing fit was on the city bus, when I made a sweet, but politically incorrect statement about hallucinations. The second time was at the game, when I absentmindedly spit ice cubes back into the soda we were sharing. The third time had to be the funniest. Linda is training to run a 10K, she is training with walking intervals. There is a term called "Fartlek" a Swedish word for "speed play" that I read about in the very excellent book Galloway's Book on Running (I highly recommend this book. For someone who has never run a minute in their life, to someone training for a marathon- I could write a whole post on how much I like that book) Linda was saying something negative about her training, something suggesting she should be doing more. I was adamantly against her thinking, I have overtrained myself into exaustion dozens of times, which doesn't improve your health, it just sends you back to the couch! I reacted with intensity "NO! Fartleking is the best possible thing to be doing! Trust me I have ALOT of experience in this!" If that doesn't sound funny enough as is, apparently a guy down the row heard what I had said, and made a face appropriate to hearing such a statement out of context!

A big mistake I made was drinking half of a huge diet coke at 9 in the evening. If I have any caffeine after six I usually have trouble sleeping. When I got home I got on the computer, but I stayed on longer than was healthy. I was mildly obsessed, at 2 I was tired but I kept saying "one more thing, one more thing" and didn't get myself to bed until 4 in the morning. I woke up a half hour after class started! I am pleased to say this never happens to me. I often sleep in until the last minute, but not PAST the last minute. I was embarrassed but I went as fast as possible. I skipped breakfast and REALLY noticed the difference in my eating habits today.

After class I did accomplish things in a way that made me happy. I went to H&R block, and afterward made the decision to stop at the tailors on the way home in a really relaxed, boring way "like getting a tank of gas" as Dr. T said it should feel like. I was very pleased with my accomplishments for the day, and tried to dwell on them instead of my unhealthy choice of drinking soda last night.

As my reward, I tried to watch the "Coupling" DVD, but fell asleep. I don't know if it was my tiredness, but I did not like it much. I usually love anything the BBC offers. I love "Absolutely Fabulous", and recently fell in love with "The Office" but the humor on this show didn't seem as nuanced as the type of comedy I like. Maybe I was tired, maybe I was having painful flashbacks from the American episode of "Coupling" but it didn't do much for me. I am going to give it another try however, because a show all about sex is my kind of show!

mood: accomplished


OG said...

"fartleking is the best possible thing to be doing! trust me i have ALOT of experience in this!"
uve just made my day.
*goes back to howling*

Diana Crabtree said...

OMG you got me laughing uncontrollably again!

SpiderSolitaire said...

Stop it! Get out of my head! I too am guilty of the ice spitting. The first time I did that with Hubby he freaked out... It was hilarious. And I love the Coupling. My dad got me hooked on it. I am glad you were able to get the cleaners done & I am glad it was no more bothersome than pumpin gas... HUGE PROPS GIRLIE!!!

Diana Crabtree said...

Spider, I told you- twins separated at birth!

Now YOU got me thinking about the ice spitting!

I am so glad I am home alone because I am laughing like a raving loonie! Thanks guys!

BTW- OG, what does the "C" stand for?

OG said...

u know how everone just says rollin on the floor and laughin my ass off. well, for the sake of accuracy i put the 'c' in there. cos we all know my behind is the epitome of cute!

Jay said...

Ab Fab, Sweetie Darling.
Belly laughs are the best. Hope you sleep well tonight.

Satan said...

...and I thought it stood for Cantankerous : p