Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"Pitter-patter" -my heart

The beautiful German wrote me today. Dr. T suggested I examine and weigh if the pleasure was worth the pain, to help me in deciding if I had made a good choice. Before I even opened the e-mail, when I saw that he had written I immediately knew that it was in fact worth it, because at that point I felt like I would still think it was worth it if he said "I am sorry, I am simply not interested in you."

The price of the pain would still have been worth it for the pleasure of spending time with a man who I clicked with and respected. That Saturday should help me through years of dating. It can be like a measuring stick in the dating world, I can remind myself: "This is what it feels like to click- you don't feel worshiped, you feel understood. You don't see him as an ideal, you see him as a person you like. You feel like two people, not two facades"

What did his message say? It was a short considerate sentance saying he is too busy to write and will get back to me. (and it had the word "kisses" in it! tee hee hee hee hee) I also recieved a note from Kareem. His apoligized for not getting back to me when I called him inviting him to hang out (BTW this e-mail was 4 days later...he didn't even call the day I invited him to say "sorry- cant come- make other plans") Kareem's latest e-mail was different than his past ones, it was much sweeter, but I still told him how I felt, that if he isn't really interested I would prefer he be honest, because his indifference is more hurtful than rejection. I can see a distinction between how the two men react to me...can you?

mood: smitten


mrsmogul said...

Men are a puzzle sometimes. He probably is afraid of committment?

Jay said...

Kudos to you for seeing the light; women can see what they want to see sometimes. You've got your head on straight.

OG said...

tell kareem i said he should shove off, beautiful german is the one on my mind!!!!
ps: it had kisses huh? interesting.....

Diana Crabtree said...

I love this input! Thank you ladies!

mrsmogul I bet you are right. He's so afraid of commitment he can't even commit to an e-mail! LOL
I agree, they are a puzzle, question is which puzzles are worthy of solving?

Jay- telling me my head is on straight is like the pinnacle of compliments, thank you. I will believe what you say because I found the banter you posted so beautiful, I think "clean stinks" is 1000X more intimate than flowery poetry. Perhaps if I keep seeing the light I can be as fortunate :)

Thanks OG! I have already done that (told Kareem to shove off) not literally, but I did send him an e-mail telling him 'bout himself! It was very diplomatic, but he hasn't written back (surprise, surprise LMAO!)

Yeah, beautiful German's e-mail said kisses tee hee hee hee! Don't encourage me though! I don't want to get too excited about him because he lives in Germany! Thanks for all of the sweetie-pateetie support!