Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Someone does this to you:
Part One
Part Two

He apologizes, and asks you to understand where he is coming from, having been a victim of identity theft. He says he would forgive you if it happened the other way around.

WAIT, don't answer yet. He comes from a country that is famous for corruption (no, not the US) Almost every person I have met from this country has warned me not to trust people from this country.

Assuming that what is said about this country is true, that there is a large handful of corrupt people (no judgement implied-I assume if it is not just a stereotype it is likely rooted in colonialism & poverty) if you were raised in a culture where people try to scam you alot, you might approach this situation like he did. It might seem less extreme to accuse your own friend of identity theft if you have had friends scam you before.


I am not saying I can necessarily forgive him. I can forgive him but I don't know if I will ever care about him or trust him again. But I still want people's opinions, to help validate or challenge my feelings.

BTW Thanks Spider and
Jay for validating what bullshit this was- I felt like I was in the twilight zone, thanks for bringing me back.

Thanks Satan for being sensitive and not picking on me yet. Maybe you feel guilty for putting the dishonesty into the identity thief, and mistrust into the accuser, or maybe you are being careful in order to avoid another one of OG's stilettos ;)


Satan said...

It's amazing how these things happen to people when I'm around ; )

As to the poll, I don't think you need to forgive him or cut him out of your life.

I say, regain his trust, build a really strong healthy relationship and then sometime in the next couple of years steal his identity and teach the mother a lesson. : )

BTW - I'm totally comfortable over at OGs, there's not many christians who would put up with that type of intrusion by someone parading as satan. She's a totally cool, funny girl. Now if only she would become part of my murderous cult...

Diana Crabtree said...


I think your idea is great. In fact, I am not sure I need to continue

I agree, OG is really cool and funny. You say she put up with the intrusion of someone parading as you? When did that happen? How did you feel about that? I think it would be easier to put up with someone parading as Satan if you are a Christian, but a little harder if you ARE Satan. Do you get his soul by default now?

Diana Crabtree said...

No I am not actually considering keeping our "friendship" I wrote this last night, while still shell-shocked.

Wow, I am a grown woman and still in contact with people like that? Unacceptable.

SpiderSolitaire said...

I may be rash, but I say forget that drama! When reading, I saw you slipping & getting more & more upset. He was not trying to find out the truth. He was being confusing & anything but helpful. I understand he is a victim but making someone else one doesn't help anything. A true friend would trust you. Obviously he cannot be a true friend. Screw him, you don't need this added stress. But I'm a bitch ;) lol

Spider said...

It's like just now... everyone accused Cookie Monster of stealing the cookies, but he didn't. It really hurt his feelings. Then they figured out it wasn't him, they apologized. They were mean at first like this guy's doing & didn't believe him, but forgave him. I think that they were forgivable for their mistake because they weren't mean, but he's being mean about it all...

Jay said...

Sounds like you're back to reality. It's crazy how you can just get swept away like that. I hope the rest of your week goes more smoothly!

OG said...

id be pissed! really really pissed.
but i usually hurt as much as the person i dont wanna forgive cos all the resentment eats away my insides. but i dont believe u should make excuses for a person based on their country of origin. we are all responsible for our actions. and yes, our environments shape us but they dont have to rule us.
anyhu, talk to him. let him know how badly he hurt u. and let him know that even tho u appreciate the friendship u have, it will no longer exist if such a thing should ever happen again.
so yes forgive him, build trust again, but dont let anyone take advantage of ur sweet spirit.
ps: i missed coming to ur blog! its been a crazy week but i should be on here as often as usual from now.
pps: im still blushing from the 'funny and cool' comments

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks for the comments you guys!

The next morning I knew what I had to do- I blocked him.

I have a limited amount of energy for people in my life, the people who deserve my love are the people who will recieve it, not those who abuse me.

I agree with the forgive but don't let it happen again perspective, but that only applies to friends who feed you. He changed over the years and not for the better. I don't need him so I forgive him, but have ended the friendship.

The #1 thing that kept running through my head..."I am too old for this." That was some high-school kind of shit! Yes, drama is pretty much a guaruntee in adolecence, but there is no need for it once your hormones have balanced. Life is complicated enough, why add immaturity and insensitivity into the mix?

He lost his privledges, I have much more worthy people to offer my time to! You know who you are!XOXOXOXOXO