Saturday, April 02, 2005

Here's what REALLY happened...


I got on the plane and saw that the captian was a different guy than I thought, so I needed a different strategy. There was a pair of bi-focal aviator glasses left behind so I put those on and walked up to the flight deck completely normally, and stood there. This broke the ice a little becuase then I tried on their glasses and we talked about what names we have for the different glasses. Cory was not what I expected. I expected an asshole jock type, someone sort of mean, because who else would stay with someone like Lorraine for so long? Instead he was a dorky boy-next-door type. My "ponch" glasses ploy worked, he didn't associate my name and bring up Lorraine.

When I was preflighting the forward entrance compartment I heard Cory talking. I heard the words "psycho" "she" "spy" & "shower." It took everything in my power to keep from laughing out loud. I lingered for a bit, but realized he might think I am listening for her and so I got up and left.

I felt really conflicted at that point. I could validate his feelings about her so he could get quickly away from her as far as possible, but then I would be bad-mouthing a co-worker with something not relevant to safety. I went in the flight deck and said something like "What do you think is more morally repugnant, to share an opinion that you developed based on things shared in confidence? Or to withhold information that you think could help someone?" Without missing a beat he said "To withhold information that could help someone."

I asked him if he loved her, if he did I would have said that she needs medical help and if he truly loves her will insist that she recieves it. He said no and I told him that I think she is a sociopath, which I do. He told me these nutty things she would do. She would snoop through his stuff and hang out at his apartment when he was gone. She even moved into his building, which he expressed discomfort with. He finally broke up with her when she was at his house and he went to take a shower, he knew he couldn't trust her with his phone so he brought it in the bathroom. She tried to sneak in and take if you wouldn't notice someone in your bathroom!

I shared the Boston story with him. I wanted him to see how unethical she is, and to explain why I feel the desire to say these things about her. I was proud of myself. I left out the part about her "liking" me, because that is not ethically wrong (in fact there is nothing more right! lol) I only brought up that she told Hottie-desk-clerk-Kareem that she thought I was a lesbian and liked her, which is a mean thing to tell a boy that the lesbian-in-question happens to be interested in! We all got a good laugh out of the stories we shared and bonded quick.

That night in Tulsa we had a long enough lay-over that we could have a few beers. These guys were so fun and funny. They treated me like one of the guys which I loved and hated at the same time. When I asked why they don't behave like I am a lady, the captian said (I believe him, he seemed sincere and thoughtful in his answer) it was because I was "cool." I was still mockingly annoyed, (why can't he think I am a cool GIRL not boy?) He explained that I treat him like an equal, not "above" me (the captian is the highest in the chain of command on the plane), and that since I was comfortable swearing like a sailor, I must be pretty laid back (I guess I can't fucking argue with that.)

Even though they were very openly talking about porn and sex they were not rude. They were like little adolecent boys, talking about the things that make them happy. Boobs, boobs and boobs. When I spoke they treated me like a person, not solely as a boob-haver, so even though many of their comments were tasteless, I enjoyed their company more than I enjoy most Bevis and Buttheads' company. Besides, the things they were talking about were only slightly more tasteless than the things I say to my girlfriends about my partners. Oh and the captian slept with Lorraine too. Thats fine, there is nothing ethically wrong with sleeping with as many people as you want, (as long as you arent cheating on someone), but even if it is ethically ok, it is still a pretty funny coincidence!

So no, I did not have sex with him, not with my body anyway. We did flirt like mad-people though, which felt nice. He is too young for me but he is very sweet. I think our flirting was a way of bonding, like we are both telling each-other non-verbally "you didn't deserve to be treated so unkindly." I did make a statement at the end of the trip about not being proud for how we made fun of her, that I was doing it as an emotional release and it was really not okay. He seemed to know EXACTLY what I was saying. He said "Don't worry, your alright with me" with a tone like he knows I am not a malicious person. He was a pumpkin.

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