Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Karma better break even from all of this...soon I hope!

What a day.

First, I'm almost late for class.

I come home to a letter from my grandpa about his wishes for his death.

I call work, and find out I can't swap my schedule, which means I may miss my next appointment with Dr. T.

Then, I am accused of doing something immoral and illegal, and I don't even know what it is.

Since I haven't swapped to a new trip, I have to work tomorrow, and so I had to rush downtown for shoes to go with our new uniforms. Payless shoe store is gone, so I had to spend $22 on a pair of Target shoes, probably the same quality as the Payless would be, and when I am there I see a girl who myself and 2 other bitches ditched in elementary school to sit with the popular girls, leaving her all alone, humiliated. Oh, and a few years later her dad died.

I am just wondering whats next.

Oh, and I realized it's April 20th 4/20, and I can't smoke weed anymore, because my company drug tests. Who needs it though? My life feels confusing and bizarrely amusing without it!

mood: exasperation!

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