Thursday, March 03, 2005


Can anyone fill me in a little on Blog ettiquette?

When someone posts a comment what should you do if you appreciate it? What should you do if you want to tell them what an asshole they are and what you think of their mother? I couldnt't find anything on "blogger" Is there a webpage someone can lead me to?
Well as for now I want to say thanks to the people who commented. Is it also good ettiquette when you read a blog to comment?

I have gotten two little comments and they are going to keep me at it. Blogging felt cathartic the minute I began, just to write to "somebody" without having the accountability of writing it to someone you know who might say "what a loser" or "I am so worried about her." By the way... Its totally cool for you to say "what a loser" to me, because I don't know shoot. But think of this, what if a 11 year old girl related to what I had to say, and you said "what a loser" and she read it. Now you are telling a sweet 11 year old girl she is a loser. I bet you feel bad about yourself now. But back to what I was feels good to write this stuff anyway, but to have people say nice things felt great...thanks!

This brings up a memory. About 3 years ago I was a creative city girl in a conservative small-town college. VERY lonely, and very isolated. I spent alot of time looking at "pro-anorexia" websites/blogs. I related so much to these sick young people, and it felt good to see I wasn't alone in my nightmare. But these sights were such a celebration of being sick, and they helped me fall deeper into illness. I would love to offer one person that feeling of comfortable, anonymous camraderie, but to be able to show the joys of HEALTH, not suggest that illness is a bottomless pit that doesn't end. It would feel so good to know (or imagine) that my pain could help guide someone into a doctor's office, or help them see that depression doesn't last forever. BTW, I hope that "spider" only relates to my messy, messy room and bone-head boyfriends, not to all of this mental-health sturm und drang, but one way or another, thanks alot for your nice comment! If you ever publish your blog publicly I would love to see it :)

It is again time for my beloved roommate to arrive. I want to get the dishes done so she wont be upset that I am home sick. I would hate to live with me right be more lethargic than usual is saying alot! I have decided to psuedo-name my roommate "Emma." it just seems appropriate.

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SpiderSolitaire said...

I love comments, I shall see if I can attach mine to my name, however, I am new to this as well (not sure you'd want to be dragged into my messy, drama filled life though).
I believe you say what you want in your blog. Tell them to schnocker off if you please, I've made a post or 2 of that ;) I think it's a endless reign of freedom here, but who the hell am I?
I must say, you are the first one for me to actually bookmark. I have been intrigued by others, but relate to your writing & am marking you as my friend, like it or not! I enjoy your blog, and again, keep throwing it out there... even if us, the commentators are stupid. (I'm 21, I can handle it ;) )