Friday, March 04, 2005

I believe in God

In my opinion "God" isnt like a guy in the sky, but some benevolent universal force.

I initially started this blog in order to track my moods and as a way to safely express myself openly. But as I looked at other people's blogs, some narcissistic force took hold, and I suddenly wanted to promote mine. I find it strange that I began to want large numbers of people to read my very personal, and often unflattering thoughts.

Well as I was surfing a site in order to earn "promotion points," my computer completely crashed! It took me hours to get it up and running again, long enough to reflect on why I am doing this, and how much time I should be spending on the computer (read: not as much time as I have been.)

Sometimes I feel like messages get sent to you when you need them, you just have to pay attention.

Oh and another reason I know God exists: Hrithik Roshan

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