Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Getting back on track

Brush teeth and shower? Check!
Soak dishes? Check!
Gather a laundry pile? Check!
Spent too much time surfing? AGAIN? Check!

Okay. I will make some more baby step goals. Is this boring you? Check.
Again, this is for me, and I am allowing people to read it if they want. Would I want to read this much detail of someone elses life? hmmm, not sure. I think it would be interesting as insight into a person's brain, I mean, so many people love to learn about the twisted brains of serial killers...why not learn about the twisted brain of flight attendants?

My next goals:
Go to Blockbuster and get cheezy movie.
Wash soaking dishes and soak new ones (I have literally at least 4 sinkfulls, I havent done dishes in 3 days! too much web-surfing)
Do research for friend
Sort pile into loads
Make date with museum mentor
Gather notes and readings for class tomorrow

Okay this list is getting too long, I am going to just do the first 3, then I will let myself play some-more.

I will say this much, the web isn't as bad as TV, reading peoples thoughts and takes on world issues is more mentally engaging than competely passive T.V. BUT, It is far more absorbing, and time can pass without noticing much easier than with TV.

mood: lazy

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