Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Social Phobia

I should have been at class 8 minutes ago and I havent even left my house. I am going to have to push myself out the door. This sucks.

Here Goes!


B.L.O.G. said...

Oh boy how I can relate to that. =) I don't know what kind of subject you are studying but perhaps there is an Online version of it somewhere? One of my better decisions was to go back to school but do it online. It helped me with the not wanting to go because I didn't feel like goint out in public. I could do the work at home on my own time (reasonablly) and not have to worry about the social aspects of it.

BTW if you did mention what you are studying in previous post...shame on me...and I appologize.

Diana Crabtree said...

I love the idea of online studies, that OBLITERATES the social phobia aspect of school. (My biggest problem with it I think) Thanks for the advice!

Ironically, I am studying to be a tour guide at a local art museum. So it probably wouldn't go over well if I said "Do you have an online version of the tour guide training, because I have a pathological fear of people" LMAO!

Sorry I didn't respond sooner (I somehow missed the questions & suggestions in this comment)