Thursday, March 03, 2005

"general malaise"

One of the worst things about feeling like shit all most of the time is you never know when you are actually sick. I used to be sick from school all of the time, but many of the times I was just too worn out from the stress of social interaction. On the other hand, cortisol suppresses immune function, so being a stressed out person makes you more succeptible to getting sick.
I just spoke with a triage nurse who said it sounds like I have a sinus infection and I ought to be seen. HELLO! that means yes, you are indeed too sick to go to work, but I still feel like I am faking it.
Part of it is how damn convienient it all is. I have been stressed out from my classes at the museum. I visited my family last week when I really felt the desire to relax, I am behind on cleaning, laundry, and a best friend from college is coming into town this weekend! I mean, what a nice coincidence. I get sick, with a non-contagious illness that makes it so in 2 days I should not be on an airplane, but I will be well enough to get things done and see a friend I haven't seen in ages. I suppose I should enjoy lifes little "pleasures" (a sinus infection, how pleasurable)

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an orange said...

Hope you feel better :)