Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cheer for me

I was mildly depressed the last few days. I am convinced it is because I went without medication for 2 days (I took extra SSRI's to compensate, but those take a little while to build up in your body)

Well now I am in my workout clothes, and am going to go on a walk :) Thats the thing about depression, when you need to be living healthily (when you are depressed) you are unmotivated. It's quite the vicious circle.

I am grateful to be not-depressed again. When I laughed out loud to my Grandpa's scaring-the-dog story I thought "hey- this is nice!" And one thing I noticed when I was depressed is at least I knew it, I knew my thinking was skewed, and before therapy I didn't see my thinking as skewed, I just thought the world sucked and that I was a terrible loser.

Enough typing, more walking.

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