Friday, May 25, 2007

Safe and Happy in Uganda

(email sent to friends and family)

Well, maybe not safe. Here in Kampala we are required to walk in front of moving cars just to cross the street, but I am happy.

The NGO that my former roommate Jennifer is working with has not turned out to be ideal, but some of the volunteers for the organization are really great. We have been working with a man named Joseph who is not only dedicated to the community, but has been really helpful to us, and a fun companion to travel with.

We visited one of the orphan schools, and one boy named Yusef was really enthusiastic and good at English. I have decided to pay his school fees so he can go to a government school, where he is more likely to go to "University." It's only like $40 a year! (plus notebooks, pencils etc.) I visited his house, he lives in a beautiful, round, thatch roofed house which is very cool. Like me, he has some lovely aunts who are looking after him. He is 13, yet still very polite.

Between myself, Jennifer, and Joseph, we have taken 800 pictures, so be cautious before asking to see them, just kidding, I will narrow them down, I cant wait to share them.

I hope everyone is enjoying May as much as I am! I am 30 today you know!


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