Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Never leave the house without your hair and makeup done

It was suggested that I should try online dating. Most of my experiences with online dating have been bad, but I realize that was because I was being confronted with my insecurities, inability to assert my boundaries, and overly high expectations. This time around (so far) it has been fun.

How unnecessary for me to be on online dating though, because today I met my husband! I was deadheading to Detroit and this buff guy who looked like a cross between Chris Daughtry and Howie Mandel came and sat next to me. He was very friendly, he said "how are you?" right away when he sat down.

I made a comment about his cowboy hat, and learned he was from Texas. I assumed that he was some dumb motorcycle kind of guy until he told me he lived in Africa (in response to my bringing up Uganda) The moment I realized I was going to marry him was when he told me why he lives there...HE IS A WILDLIFE CONSERVATIONIST PROTECTING OSTRICHES IN NIGER! *swoon*

He showed me pictures and movies, including of a lion pup he raised and nursed to health when the zoo vet gave up on him. *swoon*

So we went through this two hour flight, and I SWEAR he seemed interested in me. He touched me a few times and he left his leg relaxed so it touched mine. I had no makeup on and I didn't bother to do anything but my hair but wash it, but I will say I held my own with him, I was confident and eloquent, impressive maybe.

So at the end I waited for him to offer or request an e-mail address, but got nothing. It was so opposite of the signals he was sending me (which were so gentlemanly- like interested, but not sleazily interested) fortunately I was able to run after him with a little knob and say "is this the thing you were looking for?" (he dropped something and couldn't find it)

It was so great. I lingered a bit and asked him "what are you doing now?" and he seemed interested in having dinner or coffee. So we are on our way, in the tunnel, and I realize- OH MY GOD I FORGOT MY SUITCASE!!!!

You heard me. I was so sprung on the boy in the cowboy hat that I FORGOT MY OWN SUITCASE! I said to him "oh my god I forgot my bag I have to go- It was nice meeting you!" And I walked the wrong way on the moving walkway as he slowly glided away, his cowboy hat sillouetted in the colorful lights of the tunnel, like lovers in a movie, torn apart, never to see each other again, even though they were meant to be.

I got back to the gate and got my bag back with a laugh. I went to sit down to write a blog post about the event, and I realized I ALSO FORGOT MY PHONE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I walked back to the gate, with my head held low like an ostrich trying to hide from a predator, and told the lady I had forgotten yet another thing.

So my husband, if your reading me! I miss you. Smooches.

UH! I would TOTALLY have moved to Niger to live in a mud hut with him!

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