Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Date

The date took place at a coffee shop in the neighborhood with an Indian store I like, so I left a little early and stopped there for some incense. When I was there a man let me ahead of him in line. I bought some candy, which was 5 for a dollar, and gave him one. When I was in my car he tapped on my window and asked me out, it was a nice way to boost my confidence before the date.

So the date, well he was chubby, bald, facial hair, and a little bit of a lazy eye. But he was nice. We walked around a warehouse full of art studio/galleries. He is a painter and has a comic strip he is trying to get published. (and he has a bank job- so not a starving artist) Most of the galleries were closed, but there was art in the hallway, and the building itself was really cool.

The conversation went okay, but I really didn't click with him at the Charles level. In the end I found myself inviting him to go to a concert one day (huh? why'd I do that?) because in my head I was thinking "I don't want him to be my boyfriend, but I would go to concerts with him" so of course in his head he thinks I am all into him.

So I hug him goodbye, and it's kind of okay. Then he walks me to my car and we hug again, and he asks me for a kiss and I say "I'm not sure yet" and before I know it he has given me a short kiss me with tounge.

So I am in my car driving away and I realize I am a little turned on...(huh?) Maybe I should sleep with him, and the guy I met today, and the sexy librarian I am corresponding with, and the guy in LA who is a "F.A." (fat admirer) -oh, by the way, he responded to my New Kadampa Tradition e-mail, but then I wrote him again, and said, playfully, "If they say giving them money will get you closer to nirvana, send it to me first, that gets you more Karma" and he didn't write back, we have written daily for the last week at least. Shit. I had a crush on him :(

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