Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cheers from the London Heathrow Airport!

Right now I am sitting at a Starbucks in the Heathrow airport terminal 4. Yes, it's a sick thing to be in London at a Starbucks, but it was there, and I just wanted coffee and to look at my flights. I don't have to leave until 9PM, so I have an hour available to just chill out.

It's important that I be here at the coffee shop. It's 4:44 central time. I don't know how long I can stay in the spot I am, there is an annoying American girl sitting a table away meeting up with a long lost boyfriend I think. It wouldn't be so annoying if she had a british accent, then I could bask in her british annoyingness, instead it's no different than being annoyed at home. I would rather be annoyed in a british manner.

It was so exciting being...OH GOD SHUT UP! She is talking in this flirty upbeat manner, like she is trying to hard. Yuck. So yeah, it was exciting getting on the flight, maybe my gut instinct was to be trusted. The difference is I booked first class. By doing that it bumped me into a different category than all of the passengers switching from...THANK GOD ALMIGHTY THEY ARE LEAVING!...the other flight. I think bad weather in another big hub helped the situation.

So yeah, first class, or "world business class." It was on an A330 which meant it had these airplane beds, or I should call them "pods" that layed down all the way and had a round head cover. The head cover was a disappointment, I thought it would be over our heads enough to create a sort of wall, but there was enough elbow room that it wasn't a big deal. It didn't hurt that I was sitting next to a 20 year old sailor from Notre Dame, so I didn't mind us laying side by side without a privacy screen.

Let me share with you the cuisine I enjoyed. It began with crispy bread with a chicken spread and a tomato basil spread. The next course was mixed greens with Balsamic and olive oil vinagrette dressing with caramalized onions and a skewer with tomato, olive and cheese. For the main course I enjoyed a tender roasted chicken breast on a bed of creamy leeks with basmati rice and haricot vert. (I think thats pronounced "Harry-Ko-Vehr") For dessert was fresh fruit, Brie and Spanish Campos de Guadamur with light table crackers and Ben & Jerry's Vanilla ice cream. For breakfast was fruit, yogurt and pastries.

Oh shite! My battery is getting low innit? bollocks. More later.

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