Friday, May 04, 2007

Be a flight attendant, get paid $1360 a month!

I called mainline and found out I would be making 1360/month. While I could afford to do that, since my monthly expenses minus food and entertainment come to only 1064/month, I don't want to live that way again. I paid my dues already.

The whole reason I was contemplating this airline is they have a hub in my city. If you live in a city different than your hub, life is pretty much hell, and it would cost at least 200/m extra, because you would need a crash pad. Well, the lady was really shifty on the phone, basically I dont think my hub will be available. So whats the point of going mainline? I could go to a good airline like Southwest or Continental if I was going to live away from base.

So mainline is out the window. There is an airline with a good reputation in my city that I might apply at whe they are hiring. I have a friend there and she really likes it.

Heres to those of you who think you can't live on 1372.80/month

375/mo- room in two bedroom apartment in a dangerous neighborhood
35/mo- minimum payment on your maxxed out credit card
50/mo- antidepressants
300/mo-car payment/insurance/Gas (just hope it doesn't break down)
50/mo-cell phone bill (you dont have a land line)
15/mo- electricity (your half)
150/mo- student loans (you have deferred them as long as they would let you)
28/mo- Save the children (the child in bangladesh you sponser to remember how good you have it)

That leaves you with 369 for taxes, health insurance, food and entertainment. You really dont NEED to eat vegetables, many people in this world survive on beans and rice. And for entertainment you can split basic cable with your roommate for only 12 dollars a month!

...and as the added bonus, all you can grab from the dumpster

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