Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Perspective, people!

I really need to get my perspective back. Isn't that the point of this trip? I am going to be with children with no parents, and I am whining because I can't get on a flight to London for $80? Puh-leeeez.

I'm just tired. This up all night idea was a cute one, but it only kept in mind the time I was on the plane. Yes, I will want to fall right to sleep on the plane, but I also will want to fall right to sleep before getting on the plane.

It is six o'clock. They will be boarding soon. Shucks. I don't have a chance to get on this flight and I ought to face it. I am going to Ashram's house instead of going home. I don't want to face Raina.

This is part of the package in non-rev flying. Just face it. But the thing is, if I had a real job making 35,000 a year, I would have 15,000 spare to travel. And that would be positive space.

I wish I was more eloquent right now. I might change as a person from this trip. I have so much to examine about my goals and what I have.

They are boarding right now. They haven't called my name.


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