Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Milky Boob Update

I went to the doctor today, she said that the lactation shouldn't be a big enough deal to quit Risperdal, in the end I am relieved. I had some blood tests, but she seemed to think I am going to be ok.

So now my hopes of being sexually promiscous have been dashed. Now if I am going to have sex with someone I will have to be able to tell them that I have milky nips and it's because I take an anti-psychotic medication (that'll help them get it up!) I suppose I could just tell them about the vaccines, because that was a part of it.

The lactating has really gone down, the first day they were just bursting, but now I have to squeeze around to get just a tiny dot to come out. Hopefully it will subside even more. (Unless it makes me lose weight ;) )

It's just beautiful here! I hope to get in another walk today!

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