Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tired of real life

My last post was my 666th post. I don't think the Caramel Cookie people would be happy.

Well I have had two nice and productive days. I was ready for more, but now I am running out of steam.

I got nominated for a position on the Union, after learning that others are running (meaning I am not needed) I decided to decline, but even so, I have to send a fucking fax. Then, there is a 10K that I am going to walk with my sister Linda next week so I have to sign up for that.

Also, I am going to take Aslam to the mall (he is only a consultant in my city, so he lives at a hotel casino in the boondocks, with no car) so I have to get myself cuted up, clean my car and have my bags packed for work.

I know this all doesn't sound like much, but I have stuff to get ready for the Uganda trip. I would really rather be working on organizing my bedroom.

I will get it done, I swear I will. I guess the answer is to just push forward and do what needs to be done. Maybe I will record it so I will feel motivated.

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