Sunday, April 15, 2007

The men in my life (this week anyway)

It has been another week full of men, but I am not in that amazing mood I was in a few weeks ago (beautiful weather may have been a big part of that mood) So I will start from the beginning.

First off, remember Ullrick? He was the steroid-using bodybuilder who seduced me into buying training sessions from him, and provided me with great motivation to work out. Well he bailed on me and all the sessions, he left the gym (the owner suggested to me that there had been other problems with him) and I called him a number of times, and he ignored me.

So I went to the owner, who gave me the two sessions I paid for (even though Ullrick said he'd give me 4 for the price of 2) and I was set up with a new trainer Brahman...everybody all together now *swoon.* Brahman was very professional, friendly, but not trying to seduce me, he was SOOO HOT, he looked like Justin Guarini without the weird hair and weird nose job.

Brahman started me out on the leg press machine at like, 40 pounds lighter than I usually do. I had told him over the phone that I wanted an all-core workout, so I said "what exactly are you having me do here" and he said "uh...this is called the leg press" I reminded him that I wanted an all core workout and he said "your sure?" and I said yes.

It was hard, but I survived it. He said that my stomach was a lot stronger than I had said it was. I couldn't believe those words were coming from his mouth! I was so happy. He told me I was going to hurt like hell in two days, and boy was he right, I could hardly roll over in bed this morning. I have been stiff like a granny all day today. I love it, I cant wait for more.

After my workout I went to Ashram's (the casino hotel) as I have started to develop an affection for him. During the evening we chatted, and I learned that he tried to kill himself 4 years ago. I don't know what more to write about it really. He is opening up to me, but I still find it hard to understand how he thinks. I think I know that we aren't destined to be together in the future. But, we had the hottest, most aggressive kissing session. Including him lifting me up and putting me on the sink. My god, if we were having sex it would have been so hot. MMMM. The only way we will have sex, however, is if we are in a relationship. I am not sure if I want a relationship (beyond what we have) if I already know we dont have a future. Oh well, one day at a time.

So the next morning I get a call from scheduling. They switched me onto a Canada flight because someone else couldn't fly there. I am so grateful this happened because I had a Canada overnight on my schedule already, and no passport. So fortunately I had time to drive home and get it.

I got to work extra early, so I sat in the crew lounge and played on my computer. Over walked him, the Pole. I met him on his first day here. A cute white guy with an accent. Tall, brunette, and an accent, plus a nice smile. I couldn't believe it he seemed sort of "impressed" with me. He was definately out of my league in my opinion. Well fast forward to today and he has put on some weight. He's still very cute, just a little chubby.

So he walks right to my direction, I am 99% sure he came over especially to talk to me, and right away with a warm smile I said "I think I met you on your first day here." We chatted and had an interesting conversation. He is polish but lived in Germany since he was 10. His perspective on the United States surprised me, he had positive things to say about it that I wouldn't expect to hear from a European. I enjoyed talking to him.

I have absolutely no doubts that he is interested in me, and I am interested in him too, but I am not sure if his interest is the kind I want. He mentioned that he spent college "chasing girls" and I think he said "chasing girls" a SECOND time too, so I wonder if he just likes girls in general, not me specifically. I look forward to seeing him again (but DAMN! I just realized he's not from my same base, CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!)

That night I saw a mainline pilot I had met and hung out with on St. Patricks day (the night I turned down hot ass cowboy-swagger pilot) him and I discussed going to a country western bar after the flight. I had an uncomfortable feeling about it all. The conversation was choppy (you know, fighting for the next thing to say) and when I asked him if he had a roommate he hesitated. I backed out of going out, truthfully saying I was tired. I am glad I did. I was tired, and I might go out with him another night, but I just didn't look forward to it. I can't read the guy, he could be a nice guy who is mildly socially awkward, or he could be married and acting weird because he is hoping to cheat on his wife. Who knows, who cares.

So now I have 2 more days left of my trip. I hope I will have something new and interesting to report.

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