Sunday, April 15, 2007

Writing you from another planet, also known as the American South

Okay, technically I think where I am is considered the "mid-south" but lawd-ahl-maighty" this place feels southern to me.

We have a 4 hour and 45 minute sit here, so I have been hanging out, playing on the computer and buying food and beverages.

The first place we went was Lenny's, an EXCELLENT sub shop, if you get a chance to, go there. The kid at the register had a headphone in his ear! Yes, he was listening to music while he served us! Then, there was a girl wiping the table and chatting on the telephone! You would have thought that that was as weird as it gets, but no. Later on I went to Starbuck's and a girl was sitting at a table, eating her sandwich, and she says "can I help you ma'am?" I said "uh...can I have a Venti skim Latte?" so she yells to the girl behind the machine "Venti skim Latte!" I was closer to the girl at the machine, but somehow that was how it was going to go. To make it even funnier, a woman came out from the back and asked if I had been helped. Apparently it was possible that I hadn't been helped, standing there for 2 minutes.

At least these people have been nice. Weird, but nice. It sure beats Detroit, where sometimes they seem mad at you for wanting to buy a bagel. I have stood there for 2 minutes not having a soul acknowledge me, this time without having someone come out from the back.

I have to admit I have a little grudge against this "slow southern style" this trip. We were in Canada and someone in dispach (in the south) screwed up our numbers so much that we sat on the ground for an hour. I had two condescending passengers and I even smarted off to one of them (I never do that!) -He was pointing at his watch saying "we sat on the ground for an hour, I only have one day at home and that really ate into it" and I said, in the tone you would tease a friend in, not a mean tone "Oh! I wish I would have realized that back then" Oops! But come on, what does he accomplish telling me we were late? I DIDN'T DO IT! There was also a douche in the exit row who, when someone stood up when we were taxiing, and I had to make a friendly announcement "once everyone is seated we are legally allowed to move the plane" he decided to point at his watch. Oh yes! Breaking federal law is perfectly reasonable so you can make your connecting flight. Both of these condecending dicks pissed me off, but the people who really pissed me off were the people in dispach, who's fault it actually was (it was probably a new guy, but if he was trained appropriately and paid well enough to attract smart people then maybe he wouldn't screw up so bad)

So for the f'rners reading this blog, there you have it. Unfair stereotypes of an entire region of the United States based on my experiences from one city. Hee hee, and two posts ago I was ranting about such things.

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