Saturday, April 28, 2007

Undisgusting sex

I just wanted to draw your attention to a website it is a sex website that is really smart, and makes sex look awesome, not disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, get this. I was talking to a former flight attendant, and she was grilling me for the gossip. I said "oh! I kissed my first pilot" and she asked who. When I told her his name, she said "oh, I kissed him too, he kisses tons of flight attendants." UHHHHH! I feel so dirty. Here I was, thinking that he was this sort of dorky guy "with no game," worthy of my attention, and here he was, all along, this donky guy, with "I don't have game-game" unworthy of my attention! I don't want sluts! I'm the slut! I reward the non-slutty guys for being not sluts. Come on!

I was SOOO turned on after that encounter that I was contemplating putting a note in that pilot's v-file. I was going to put my number, and write "if you don't know who this is, don't call" I was thinking I would write that because he would know who it was. But apparently that would not be the case! And he was saying "I am a relationship guy, so I haven't had any action for like a year" what a prick!

I feel so stupid, but I am glad that I refused to have sex with him!

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