Thursday, April 12, 2007

The brain is a funhouse mirror

I have gained a few pounds in the last few weeks, so you would assume that my image in the mirror would be negative 100% of the time, instead it's so random.

Today I saw myself naked when I stood up and saw the cutest little body. Mushy but compact arms and legs, a nice round butt, and a cute little pot belly. But on another day, even when I weigh less, I might see the hugest most unsightly hips and love handles. On these days my mood can just fall apart, "knowing" that my body is so "awful."

I think the lesson to learn here is that the mood that sees the cute body is the right one. A man, looking at a naked body, is probably going to like it. If he doesn't like chubbier girls, he will have noticed that I am chubby while my clothes was still on.

The trick is to keep that confident mindset. Last month when I was in that mindset I was a man magnet. This lesson is for men too. You can be short, bald, fat, or all of the above, but if you are genuinely confident you can be attractive.

Thinking your ugly is so dumb. It makes you ugly. Now I am going to take my nightgown off and admire myself a little longer.

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