Thursday, April 05, 2007

Men want virgins who fuck like whores

I am watching the Greg Behrendt show right now, and he said that men are excited to know that we are really into sex too. I have decided in my life that this isn't true.

I have made the decision to keep my sexual history kind of mum, until the relationship has progressed awhile. Men don't see a woman with 30 something partners as someone liberated, hedonistic, or self serving, they see it as negative. I bet you ANYTHING that that is why Alan started to change his feelings about me. It was around the time that we started having sex, and I was a hungry pent up animal at that point, that he changed. I think it was his schooling too, but I honestly think that guys don't like the idea that a woman has had other performances to compare them to.

I have changed in my sexual habits and beliefs, but that doesn't mean I am ashamed of my exploration in the past. I was NEVER a sinner, except of course when I would play with peoples hearts, but that is a sin because it hurts someone, sex only hurts someone if there is manipulation or malice involved. (And of course there is that inconvenient attachment that women get after sex, that is something to be factored in)

I will never lie about my past, lying would suggest I am ashamed, I'm not, but I'm not going to volunteer info anymore. So I say Greg is wrong. Men only like to imagine that women think about sex all the time if the thinking about it started after she met the man.

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