Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You can buy Happiness

I woke up this morning at the casino hotel, Ashram was talking to me in his sleep- in Hindi. I pressed snooze a few times and started getting ready for work.

Yesterday I drove the 40 minutes to the casino to pick up Ashram and take him to the mall. As I wrote before, he is a consultant at the Casino, he lives in 3 cities, so he has no car here. I arrived 38 minutes late, thanks to traffic and a misleading detour sign, and we started off by stopping at a Thai restaurant, where Ashram told me that he was religiously not allowed to eat Mock Duck (???)

We arrived at the mall and first thing went to a DVD/Video game store. He told me he owns 3 video game consoles, and bought a PS3 (maybe- I cant tell the machines apart) when it was 1,200 dollars.

We went to the GNC store where he showed me the "Tony Little Gazelle" suggesting he would buy it for me for my birthday. It was a large and rediculous machine, sort of like Tony Little himself.

We passed by Bath and Body works, and I wanted to go inside to see if they had "happiness," a lotion that someone had used on the airplane, that smelled amazing. An enthusiastic girl told me about the lotion, but I looked at the price and a 4 oz bottle cost $6. I thanked her and left. Ashram and I spent the next 5 minutes debating the merits of spending 15 dollars on a bottle of lotion. I explained to him that I will spend $50 on a bottle of perfume, but $15 for lotion seems just silly to me.

There was an Express for men with a Claire's boutique next door, I said I would peek in to Claire's while he looked at Express. I walked in and pretty much walked back out. It was even crappier than I remembered it being, but when I went to Express Ashram was nowhere to be found! As usual the creepy Express people were up my butt right away, so I got out right away, but then I looked around and he was gone! I went back in describing him, they said he came in but then left.

I was so annoyed, I walked to Old Navy to look for him, since he had brought it up, when I walked back to the entrance of the store, there he was, with a bag with the lotion in it. It was so fucking sweet and romantic. Too bad on the drive there I was thinking "see Diana, this is why people can't marry for convienence, because you literally CANNOT STAND the person eventually." The way I feel for him is the way I felt for my Jr. High boyfriends. It's just fun having a cute "boyfriend-type" never mind that I think he is rediculous half the time.

So I felt really touched. I don't suppose I needed to, because buying someone something is only as difficult as having the money to do it, but it made me feel special and cared about. I guess I am a product of my consumerist society.

OH! And I forgot to mention that he was saying that I should get a kiosk at a mall, and run a business like he had, (he had a watch kiosk.) I said jokingly that I'd do it if he'd be my financial backer and he said he would! He seemed very serious, while I was intrigued, but keeping my head on straight. If I could think of a product that I would be happy selling 10 hours a day it would be a fun thing to imagine, though I am learning that Ashram, while sweet, is a pain in the ass, and would not be someone I would want to sign any legal paperwork with, even though I imagine I would be the one benefiting, not him.

On the drive to the casino we got in an arguement where he was basically telling me my career goals aren't good enough. That I should be willing to give up my job that I love in order to make more money. I suppose it is my own fault, because I whined to him about the money I make, but my feelings were genuinely hurt, I have brought myself up, from the brink of suicide, to being a happy person, the last thing I need is someone (besides myself) telling me I'm not good enough. Bear in mind this guy was suicidal 3 years ago, so I don't think he has very healthy thinking either, but I was just annoyed with that whole arguement. This guy has no sense. But an hour later we were at the hotel making out! So who has no sense? He is a very sexy and sensual kisser.

I sort of wish he never bought me the lotion. I need to nip this relationship in the bud (again) and him buying me the lotion just makes me feel guilty. But forget that! I have spent more on gas going back and forth than he did for that lotion.

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