Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New roommate, EYYYYYYYYYEEE!

My new roommate should be here any minute. I am nervous! I guess I don't feel that nervous right now, but I have been lately.

I met her briefly. She is the cousin of my last roommate's friend Matthew. Matthew is kind of icky. He cheats on his girlfriends (never been faithful to one) and he has the type of sense of humor where he makes fun of a person without including them in on the joke. Like the other day he was saying to me that he likes "a real woman" as in, a curvy woman. I said "oh yeah, you like 'a little junk in the trunk' do ya?" I assumed he was just flirting with/hitting on me. Come to find out skinny women are his ideal. He was making fun of me, and I wasn't in on the joke. I also overheard him saying to Jennifer that his cousin sure got fat. What a jerk.

But according to Jennifer I will like the new roommate, I will call her Raina. She was just in Nicaragua doing aid work. Apparently she is really into public policy too. Maybe she can get me into it again.

I'm going to go to bed if she doesn't get here already. I can't wait to listen to my hypnosis Mp3s again ;)

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