Monday, June 25, 2007

Summoning the Domestic Goddess

Oh god! Yesterday morning I got up at nine and cleaned the hell out of my room. I got tired around 1PM and then pretty much quit around 3:30. I thought that was fine, that I would rest for the rest of the day, and then start up again this morning on a rampage. But I'm not on a rampage. I am a lazy bum.

This is my problem, the house is moderately neat, and I am ready to quit. If I quit cleaning when the house is moderately neat, it will never be CLEAN. I want my house to be CLEAN. I want it to look like this again. And I want to give keeping it that way a try. I am so tired of having a messy house. I am so tired of not being able to find things. I am so tired of going on vacation, or on a trip for work, and being sad to be home. My apartment is very nice, it's the way I keep it that is depressing.

Okay, this post is inspiring me. And according to the picture, I have been on Risperdal for 2 years, not one. All the more reason to go off it now, I am used to being calmer, so it should be an easier transition to go off of it. Besides being crabbier and hornier I have barely noticed the reduced risperdal, and that was during withdrawl symptoms. I feel optimistic.

Okay, lets give this cleaning thing a try.

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