Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Close to tears

Right now I am watching Shaq's Big Challenge. It is a show where Shaquille O'neal is trying to help 6 morbidly obese kids lose weight.

I love these weight loss shows, they are so inspiring, but this show is being extremely dramatic. They are melodramatically drilling it in how dangerous this weight is, and I have known this, but when seeing it when dealing with kids, it is choking me up.

One thing that is choking me up is my Aunt and Uncle are obese, and are raising obese kids. Bringing it up to them would be rediculous. My aunt is as anxious as me, and she has to work nearly every day to pay all the bills. Pressuring her would never help, and so her kids are just going to grow up fat, which is worse than becoming fat as an adult, because those are habits that last a lifetime.

And lets also be honest, it is making me think of myself. I am really sedentary, and it has to stop. I am working on it but I need to improve my habits because it's just going to be harder as I age. I guess this show is coming around at the right time, when I am getting back on the Weight Watcher's wagon.

That is why childhood obesity is through the roof. Kids dont have gym or recess anymore, and out of fear of predators they no longer are sent outside to play, instead they play video games. The parents are working so much that they are not able to cook healthy meals for their kids, so they are getting them McDonalds.

Okay, the show is getting a little degrading, I can't decide if it's fair or not, unquestionably what they are talking about is important. I want to see the next episode right now

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