Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today I biked a half hour to the gym, worked out then biked a half hour home. I was very proud of my accomplishment. As a healthy present to myself I bought a bag of cherrys and a quarter of a watermelon.

When I got home I was famished, and it was hot as hell. So when I started eating the watermelon and cherrys I went crazy. I ate half the bag of cherries and the WHOLE quarter watermelon!

Not long after I felt funny. I ate a tums and my stomach started hurting. Not long after my stomach expanded like a pregnant lady! It was pushed out all the way, and I couldn't pull it back to its normal size.

Silly me, apparently fruit gives you gas! All this time I thought, besides being a little acidic, that fruit could do no wrong. Thank god my roommate hasn't been home because if she was she would be hearing some ungodly noises coming from my room.

My stomach is about halfway deflated at this point. Hopefully it soon I will only look fat, not pregnant

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