Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cheer me on!

Guess what?

Last night I took my Weight Watchers paperwork out and put it on my vanity. Today I have started tracking my points again, and I am about to go back to the gym after months and months.

I want control of my life. I want to live a different life. I am so lucky to live in a country with the sanitation, safety and opportunities that I am offered, so I need to kick this depression and live the life I would have had if my mom hadn't died.

I am psyched! Especially to imagine that the weight might come off easier now that I will be off Risperdal. It is exciting to imagine! Oh! And I learned that I am at the same weight as when I stopped Weight Watchers. I did get down to 184 when I was working out a little more (this is around the Alan time) but now I am back up to 187. Not bad! I feel so optimistic!

Wish me luck! (again)

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