Sunday, December 04, 2005

"What Love Looks Like" (Address checks and Recording Contracts to "Diana Crabtree")

When I read the words you write I don’t think your real
You melt my frozen heart and now I can feel
To know you is a privledge, I can’t believe it’s mine
I need to show you what my love looks like

I want to possess you, to have you as my own
But to have that I’d have to break up your home
I want your happiness more than just mine
I live without you, thats what love looks like

She’s there to take care of you, and I’m just too far
She’s the one who knew you then, and made you who you are
I like the after, but she loved the before
I love you like crazy, but she deserves you more

Each night I lay my head the feeling is stronger
My dreams of you and I get deeper and longer
It hurts to wake, again your not here today
But the kindest thing for me to do is stay away
You said to me “the one” you said for you she’s right
I’ll keep my distance, thats what love looks like

If the one that your with turned out not meant to be
If you were smart you would come running to me
I’d drive you crazy, but not just to fight
I'd show you baby, what love feels like
You'd know it baby, what love feels like

I’m not here waiting, I try to move on
'Cause I have the faith in that your love with her is strong
I cry and shake in pain, but that’s alright
I’ll do it for you, thats what love looks like
I live without you, thats what love looks like

mood: blessed!


Rich said...

If this was anyones elses site I'd give into my current mood and post something like this.

But the truth is the priviledge of counting you as a friend is all mine.

wv: too soon not nearly alone.

Rich said...

I just wish you weren't talking about ice-cream : )

Diana Crabtree said...

I sort of feel like I should give you the whole month. I think you should be able to think without anyone's influence. I figured it was fair for me to post this because it was your choice whether to read my blog or not.

And I thought you would like to see the creativity that Ice cream can inspire

Rich said...

: ) No, I wasn't commenting on your right to post to your own blog. Just letting you know how ice-cream inspired lyrics made me feel. I think I've got an ice-cream headache, too much, too fast.

r****** driving under the influence

Diana Crabtree said...

I didn't think that you were commenting on my right to post on my own blog, just defending myself.

Sorry about the brain-freeze

Rich said...

hahaha... what's to defend?

You, sorry for brain freeze, Nah, I ordered the cone, sure, a few different orders arrived all at once but I distinctly remember making the order.