Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nude Girls

To the women who want money or attention for putting nude or sexy pictures of themselves posing or having sex online...take the pictures yourself and post them! Don't sell your body to profit some sleazy man!

Posing nude or having sex online could interfere with relationships, could lead to embarassment, you could even lose your job! If you are going to take such risks with your life you should be the one profiting from it. Some guy with a website isn't taking the risk you are, even if he poses in the pictures the social stigma is much worse for women. No man has the right to profit off of a woman's body, so for the love of god don't give jerks who try to use you the privledge!

I realize the majority of women in the adult industries were abused as children, why let yourself be abused more?

And to men who profit off of women's bodies, I would love to post pictures of you bent over with your cheeks spread apart, and make money off of it.

mood: pissed (post inspired by a blog I just viewed)

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