Thursday, December 08, 2005

Im 'a kill someone!

Some motherfucker just smoked in our fucking hallway!

We've got a hippie down the hall, I can handle his glaucoma medication

We've got a new-ager downstairs, I can handle her incense

But this motherfucker? I swear to god I want to kill him. He has already stunk up the 3rd floor by smoking in his house, but smoking in the hallway? Thats just fucking rude.

I posted signs.

mood: on a fucking rampage (I have a headache now)


jane said...

That's really inconsiderate. That people even smoke inside period amazes me. Glad you posted signs.

That Girl said...

I hate that stuff too.

Anonymous said...

I find some minds amazing. Someone probably told him to go outside and smoke, so he stepped into the hallway - still not necessarily outside right? Some people *rolling eyes*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Had to see your blog cause Jane mentioned it...It's really beautiful...I love the background design...very very elegant...
And about that smoker...There should be a law! No, wait...there is!!! What an a--hole he is!!!!