Monday, December 05, 2005

2 blessings, right when I need them

Artemesia and "The Bebe" pronounced "The BehBeh."

Myself and roomie Tara were at a friend's house the day before yesterday and I said "I want a kitty so bad!" I knew she wouldn't agree, because no-one wants the hassle of kittys. She told me her brother was getting rid of his cats (she lived there before here) I said I was willing but the way the conversation went it seemed she didn't want to, so I left it open.

Today she said "I miss my kitty saying "crrrrrrr crrrrrrr" and we started talking about it. She said he was taking them to a shelter. At that point I tried to convince her instead of just saying "I'm open to it." Her brother is bringing them tonight!

Nothing is better for me than a cat. They will cuddle with me give me unconditional love, and I can enjoy it, instead of what I do with my friends and family, dwell on my feeling of not being able to measure up.

Perfect timing

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