Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ok Diana, I forgive you

As a way to move forward from my sick calls this week I decided to check if there was any open time. Sure, it might look a little suspicious that I am working voluntarily right after I claimed to be sick, but my pride means alot to me, and I thought at least doing a turn would help. There was no open time available, aw shucks, I am so disappointed.

Yesterday I made plans with the neighbor to go to the gym today. It was time to go and I wasn't ready, and I told him I would meet him there. I considered not going, but I decided this was the way I could make it up to myself for the sick calls. It took an hour, but I got there.

I had the nicest welcome when I arrived, I had some magazines to donate, and the cute South Asian trainer flirted with me! I realize that flirting with the fat girl is a great way to get personal training sessions, but whatever his motives are, I love it :)

Speaking of trainers, the bey-otch who wasted my time last week was there. I smiled and said "hi", she's done enough to make me not want to be there, I am not going to carry around a grudge on top of it. But I DID walk in with my head held high and did the workout that was appropriate to me! I told her that my goals were to combat depression, and to make the gym a refuge like it used to be. She presented a "presciption" that suggested less than a certian number of days a week, and less than 45 minutes cardio was a waste of time. Sure maybe those are the numbers that get you the best gains, but working out is never a waste of time! I did 20 easy minutes on a sortof bicycle that you use your arms to pedal, and 20 easy minutes on a step mill (real steps.) I will feel this tomorrow and I had a great time, I can't wait to go back, not only that, it improved my mood, my GOAL! I can see that the trainer had her script. Her goal was not to help me, but to sell training sessions. Her loss, because I was seriously considering a few. (BTW, my hunch was confirmed by Carrie, a personal trainer, who, by the way, is giving me a free session tomorrow :) YAY!)

mood: happy! motivated, ambitious


Drake said...

Hi there, Diana!

Sorry, but I'm just a *tad bit drunk* but still wanted to say "hi" - It's been much too long since I last said "hi" to you.

I've also started to workout once again for depression. But with my drinking, my weight won't decrease - Fortunately, it isn't decreasing either. :)

In case I don't get another chance to wish you "happy holidays," I will do it now. Please take GREAT care of yourself and hopefully I will post and comment more in 2006!

Best Wishes!
Drake :)

Anonymous said...

I heard something on tv the other day that has really stuck with me and it's changed my view on weight 'loss'. I got it from Iyanla on the show Staring Over. Don't know if you've heard of it, but anyway...

She refers to dropping the pounds as 'releasing' them. And to me it makes incredible sense. If I keep referring to it as 'lost' weight, something that is lost is somethin you intend/hope to find again, so in my head I kind of expect to put it all back on again anyway.

Kinda crazy, huh? lol It's working for me so far anyway :) And I'm glad you were able to get past that woman without scratching her eyes out.

Diana Crabtree said...

Look at all of these eyes staring at me!

Drake, Thanks for stopping by! Long time no read. I am glad to know you are working hard to combat the depression, the weight isn't as important as that. Please take care of yourself too, and have a happy holiday too :)

Miss H, I just LOVE that! That is really powerful and SO accurate to my situation too. I didn't realize you lost some weight too! I will keep a close eye on your blog, hoping for inspiration :) (yeah I know that show, corny as hell but it inspired me alot last year- I think it was part of why I started therapy :) Thanks Iyanla :) )