Saturday, December 03, 2005

I met George Bush!

Okay, I DREAMT I met George Bush

I saw him at a state fair and G.W.B. approached me. (in the same icky way the C.E.O. of my company did in real life, like he was doing me a favor by randomly asking me my name) I wasn't feeling good but I knew I had an opportunity here. I started by shaking his hand warmly so he would be disarmed. Then I told him, (with kindness in my voice) that he was only helping the upper class, and that that wasn't right.

He looked REALLY wounded. Like "how could you? I thought you liked me but instead you are one of the people who hates me" I walked with him for a minute (there was no secret service or anything) and tried to calm him down and repeat the message, I didn't want him to block out or ignore my message. After he was gone I, of course, bragged and bragged that I met him and "told him about himself"

I know reading someone else's dream isn't interesting, but your own dreams are so interesting! What an insight to how you think! It shocks me that I would think that George Bush could be moved emotionally. And it shows that I think he has feelings (the defensive way he acted) It's pretty freaky to imagine that the power-brokers of the world ARE human and actually have emotions. But, money does have it's way with people, and cheny is proof that their hearts don't fare well when it does.

mood: sad (but not depressed)


The Blind-Winger Jones said...

Gosh ! That's a fascinating dream. I can't usually remember mine, apart from the extremely vivid ones which pop up less and less these days.

Anonymous said...

This is sort of like the dream I had a few weeks ago. I was in a bar with a bunch of friends, and friends of friends, and friends of their of whom was Donald Rumsfeld. It so happens that when I drink, I get loud and outgoing. And, um. Obnoxious. So, Donald and I were talking to other people when I looked at him, took a drink, pointed at him and said "DON! YOU'RE A LIAR!" And, Diana...he giggled. And I kept saying, "YOU'RE A LIAR, A FUCKING LIAR" and he thought I was being cute, and it was a conversation that one would have at a frat house over a game of quarters.

And, um. Yeah. It was weird.

That Girl said...

Dreaming of your words tehehehe.

eV said...

I had a dream where I met Clinton. He called me. Just to chat. The strange thing was, I didn't even think it as being odd!

Diana Crabtree said...

Stacy that is crazy! Your dream makes more sense- more realistic that they would be assholes than human beings.

Sparkle- now I have insight on how YOU think ROTFLMAO!

eV- yeah! I didn't think it was weird either! LOL