Wednesday, May 18, 2005

With friends like these...

Yesterday, my pilot buddy Earl was "nice" enough to let me practice my graduation tour on him.

It is very fair to say that contemporary art, or oops! sorry Karrison, "The art movements in the twentieth century that moved beyond the 'imitation of nature' ideal and expanded on symbolism, abstraction and sometimes, but not always the conceptual." So I realize "that" kind of art isn't for everyone, and that is very fair. I am not a fan of a lot of figurative art. Even if it looks JUST LIKE a real apple it is boring to me if it doesn't have any underlying meaning (lots of ancient figurative art does have underlying meaning- it used acceptable "imitation of nature" - but hid in them subversive messages!)

No matter if you like it or dislike it, you sound like a fucking idiot if you call 20th century art "fake." Its harder to understand. Someone who just learned to speak can point to a figurative painting and say "tree mommy!" It was an adult who said minamalism is not painting or sculpture, it's theater...because it is all about how your body relates to the art objects. Calling it "fake" just shows that your mind is a little closer to that of a 2 year old.

Once again, you don't have to like it. Half the tour guides at the museum think art should be beautiful. I disagree, but we are both making, or attempting to make, EDUCATED judgements. I, myself, have used those words "I could do that" and now, after LEARNING how and/or why those pieces were made, I was either proven wrong, or inspired to express my own ideas through art.

But this post isn't about art, it's about who you spend your time with. After yesterday I see Earl in a completely different way. I think he is an unbelievable embarrasing loser. It was a good experience for me, I really was challenged by being heckled the whole time, but problem is instead of engaging him (the goal) I just beat him. Thats not the type of game I was interested in playing. I didn't want to compete- (you behave like an idiot - I show you, perhaps a little over your head, what a loser you really are) He would not let me help him understand them- he treated it all like a huge joke, and it insulted me.

I really thought there was more to him. I knew he was a smart-ass but he has degrees in hard subjects and liked hanging out with me, I assumed his cheezy suburban mindset was because of the company he kept, not because of a character flaw. Yesterday he did, however, share a story on how he identified that a Flight Attendant's handbag was in fact faux Louis Vuitton (I could have told you that- we don't even make enough to afford a Kathie Lee Gifford handbag unless it is on layaway) But Earl could tell because of the straightness of the stitching and some other shit I just ignored. This is not the kind of person I want to spend my free time with.

I just hate blowing people off. It feels weasely. I suppose I could tell him assertively how I feel and leave it at that. I hate ending friendships, but it's worse to keep people around who you don't like. (which is also more insulting to them.)

I spent the rest of the day with my beautiful sister Linda. I was almost too worn out to see her, which is proof that we should put the limited energy we have in this life into worthy people.

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Satan said...

Heeeeyyyy, Nice to see you back! Contactable I mean :) It may be OK now, *crossed finger*

Um, well, what to say... ah, Satan Post time...

This Earl really does sound like a loser. It's great to see that you can use one experience on one day in the whole of your life-time to judge and crucify a 'friend'. Keep up the good work!


Diana Crabtree said...


grrrr. Are you SUGGESTING that I am being too harsh??? GRRRRRRRR.

You know, I am on to you. You are using reverse-reverse psychology on me to get me to KEEP a person in my life who thinks that the stitching on a Louis Vuitton bag is more important and valuable than the statements made by people (many who lived in poverty their entire lives) about the evils of violence, consumerism, and INEQUALITY.

I know why you want me to do this. Because, since you are the devil, you want me to surround myself with materialistic name-droppers instead of giving my energy to people who value the important things in life and encourage the same values in me.

Ooh you are a sneaky fellow! The devil is in the details, in the stitching of an LV handbag. You almost got me, I almost felt bad.

(I missed your bullying...hopefully I am in the clear, if not, I will follow the advice someone gave delete and ignore until the few weeks of annoyance passes)

PPS Is materialism something you want to encourage in a future wife? I cant be tricked by faux anymore!

Satan said...

Don't start on at me with the importance and trials of artists - I get enough of that. Me (to friends, not you): "Shut-up you poser, yes it's important, but while you're yabbering about it, we're not doing it." See I have my own Artistic trials, Artists! Shoot them all, burn them to ashes, pile it all in the town square and call it an installation : ). So yeah, sometimes I'd like to hear about Lious Vuitton bags.

I wasn't SUGGESTING anything, I did say it was a Satan Post. Actually, It's that I just don't know this Mr Lious 'Earl' Vuitton, but I do get the impression (through your writing anyway) that you have somewhat of a propensity to sabotage yourself. I just thought I'd test the conviction - You weren't meant to feel bad... You have conviction! Just looking out for the mother of the future Anti-christ ; )


PS. I've always been a bit of a hedonist, it sort of entails a bit of materialism - I like my comforts.

Diana Crabtree said...

Your desire to shoot and burn artists is an educated desire. Had you made this statement without knowing any artists, I would have been totally opposed to burning artists in town squares.

You are very perceptive- as any good evil overlord should be. I do, at times, sabotage myself. (tell me how you know that!) One kind of sabotage is...when you are an introvert (which I am at least 50%) to waste your limited social energy on people who do not enrich your life. Earl is very light hearted and adventurous, which is what I liked about him, but attempting a conversation with him can be tedious. He entertained me, which balanced things out, but yesterday his disrespect tipped the scales to WASTE OF TIME. (note...identity theft accuser man was entertaining as well)

on materialism- I consider the appreciation of quality and comfort, (which can, but does not exclusively, indicate status) and status symbols to be quite different. Something extremely beautiful, original, and/or high quality are reasons for items to cost more. However, beyond a certain point, the difference in price is only to seperate the classes which I think is very ugly.

For a person to want the best suggests they believe they are valuable and deserve the best. For someone to want the most expensive suggests they think
they are somehow lacking in value, and need garish symbols to cover this belief up.

Satan said...

Stop refreshing : )

I have to take off. I'll be back tomorrow, some interesting stuff there.

And as to how I know, ummmm - I'm Satan

Satan said...

My desire to shoot and burn artists isn't really that pronouced. But I wouldn't mind sticking a pitch-fork in their arse every now and again to get them working instead of moaning about their artistic process; and how "that colour cable on my computer is stifling my creativity" (real quote).

The idea of using shallow relationships as a way of being introverted is a really intriguing one. I'm trying to think of anywhere the idea has been used ('themed') before and I'm coming up blank. Can you think of anything/anywhere? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.... Anyway, It's certainly different to the traditional 'Hollywooded' smart girl acting dumb to be popular thing? Cool idea... sorry you have to live it though. : )

I can uderstand why you're attracted to entertaining men, they're, well, entertaining. Entertaining doesn't have to mean shallow, but if you're expecting people to be switched on and serious all the time you're bound to be disappointed. Yes, yes, I'm not having a go at you, I accept Earl wasn't appropriate in his behaviour, and I know you have a sense of fun.

As for the materialism thing - I always want the most expensive toys, I don't think it reflects badly on me as a person. I think it reflects my very large bank balance...

Just jokes... I agree with you entirely on that point...

SpiderSolitaire said...

you sound smart... lots of big words. hard for me to comprehend... so I'll just say, yes, I agree (psst... I agree, life is too short to keep people like him around)

Satan said...

Sorry? What does comprehend mean?

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks for saying I sound smart, I want to agree with that part of your comment.

That said, no-one except art fans know what any of that stuff means. Thats what made Karrison Geillor's comment so jerky!

I, unlike him, am not a snob, so I won't belittle you Satan for not knowing a word. "Comprehend" is when two parties who disagree come together to agree on a happy medium.

Diana Crabtree said...

Oh btw Satan,

If there are no movies "themed" on this than this could be our big break! We can collaborate on a screenplay, and become millionaires so we can cut out this "materialism is bad" bullshit and really live!

It has to be in Bollywood musical style, OK?

Satan said...

Thanks for the definition, I thought it was when you had broken your computer by rending it in two and then stuck it back together.
Hence 'hard to Comprehend' just means its tricky to put back together. I did think it a bit extreme of Spidey to break her computer just because she found a couple of sentences hard to understand.

Ahhh, a themed aspect of a character does not a movie make... but it can create important linkages in plot. Write a treatment (Bollywood? Ah hell why not! Bollywood and all), then we'll talk ; ).

PS. I think you need to buy a good dictionary before you get a house... I hope to my own dark lords shadow that you were joking...

Diana Crabtree said...

I feel so stupid! OMG I did define comprehend incorrectly...I am SOOOOOO EMBARRASSED! does mean to break your computer in two and stick it back together-silly me!

Whats a treatment? Is that like a pitch?

Satan said...

I'm glad you've GRASPED that! Tee-Hee

A treatment is the first stage of the screenplay process. It's a scene by scene break down of what your script is going to be about; explains what's happening, what your characters are feeling and why. It's used to write your script and develope your characters. Some people also use it to Pitch. I tend to have the treatment, the script, storyboards, designs (wardrobe and set), funding analysis, and a rough budget. But I don't do it very often as I independently produce (very, very, very, small films).

Diana Crabtree said...

We are going to have to come up with a "comprehend" about the scale of this thing. I am thinking big, like REAL BIG. Like five THOUSAND dollars (I don't know where that much money will come from- but I believe if you are going to go for it- you really have to go for it!)

I already have some ideas for the wardrobe- I'm seeing saris!

Be careful how much you tell me about your "art" it makes me, well, a little psycothemic. (more than half the time I like the commentary on DVDs more than the actual films!)

Satan said...

Ah, a fellow commentarian... that's what they're for!

Sari's sound, like brilliant. Although if you've seen any modern Bollywood films you know they'll need to be able to rap dance in them... Maybe Sari's with parachute pants.

I think I've got five grand tucked in my Cactus... No that's just photo's of George Bush. Ah here's my ride, excellent they have the long armed jackets.

Diana Crabtree said...

I am cracking up right now.

The "western" ones are my favorites. I can't stop laughing they just make me so happy. I love the parachute pants and brightly colored overalls and the awful but just so wonderful crotch thrusting dance moves. And I love the english coloqulisms mixed in with Hindi.

I had to stop and put on some music videos. Oh they are just so wonderful. Yes, we will definately have to make the music hip-hop. (90s hip hop) And you are so right...we have to mix it up, east meets west.

BTW- I just got one called "Muskann" with a gay character in it! He is definately a caricature but the I still think its cool.

)A video is on now where the guy dances around in a straight jacket singing "why am I this way?")

Diana Crabtree said...

Mix it up as in wardrobe. A sari over parachute pants. Red overalls over a beaded tunic...

Diana Crabtree said...

OH MY GOD...and now there is a video on that takes place in Sydney! It's very romantic. An indian girl and white boy fall in love. She cuts off her long beautiful hair to buy him a motorcycle helmet, but then he shows her he sold the buy her a sari.

Lets put that in the film!

Satan said...

Mix it up as in wardrobe. A sari over parachute pants. Red overalls over a beaded tunic... but where am I going to fit my Cactus???? Maybe that guy's dancing for me!?

Our Indian neighbours invite us over all the time to watch them, it's so funny to see a young guy bopping away to something so outragiously camp. I've introduced him to Western film but he sits there with a bored look and repeats with his very thick accent "See!!!! they made love but they could have fit a whole dance number in there, why is there no dancing, no singing, I ask you why?" Me: "It's a film called Seven, it's a horror" Him "you can have scary dancing you know, dress them in black leather".

Satan said...

That's soooo beautiful.... Mind you if you walked into a bike shop in Sydney with a lump of hair you'd be committed faster than me!!!! Maybe that's the modern edge we need!!! Mental Assulym escapee's singing and dancing and trying to buy things with their own body parts [Zombie Flick as well]

WOW, this thing just writes itself. Hehehehehe

Diana Crabtree said...

Scary dancing, black leather! THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD! And so true! I just saw one that was sort of a "Fatal Attraction" and they basically did just that...the songs were really "dark" (including a 100% rip off of Madonna's human nature video!)

That cheezy dancing has become so appealing to me! I saw some men dancing like they do in the films, and I swear I fell in love on the spot. It takes a man VERY confident in his masculinity to dance like that :)

The beauty of Bollywood is we dont have to commit to a genre. Its 3 hours, the first half hour can be a comedy, then we will include the drama (with the obligitory romance) which will naturally turn into horror. ;)

It is midnight now. I need my rest for our next...(what is the pretentious term used when people meet to discuss "treatment development"?)


Satan said...

Appealing dancing maybe... but you know you'd never go out with an Indian ; ). Sorry, couldn't help it. 3hrs = $5000: Damn, if you can get that to work you can be my production manager anyday.

Sleep well - I think the correct and highly pretentious term is "Pub Crawl".

Diana Crabtree said...

Couldn't help it? What the fuck did you mean by that?! :O (I would never go out with -another- Indian Geez, get my racism straight)

You can easily make a 3 hour movie with $5000. A one hour VHS tape only costs $5.95.

Satan said...

Just bringing up one of your previous posts... I mean no harm....

VHS tape only costs $5.95 LMAO - oooh the feigned innocence. But Tom Cruise as the Handsome Hindi is going to cost a fair amount...

Diana Crabtree said...

..."another" because of my current monagamous relationship with Aftab S. (who I have "production meetings" with after I have fallen asleep ;) )

Good night- I mean g'day

Satan said...

No, no, Good night is the correct vernacular. Ozzied - I'm more tired than a dead dingoes donger, goana ave a kip.