Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What Sesame Street Character are you? I am Cookie Monster

If you like those quizzes that tell you what movie star you are or what 70's hairstyle fits your personality, please take this quiz:

Political Typology

This is more than a fun game, it is based on scientific research by the Pew Research Center. Here is an article about the study:
Beyond Red vs. Blue: Redefining the Political Landscape

I am a:
Cookie Monster

I thought I would be a "Disadvantaged Democrat" but the test suggested differently.


Satan said...

Where I come from Red & Blue is a Czechoslovakian claymation where they beat the crap out of each other for barely discernable reasons.

Kinda fitting really : )

Diana Crabtree said...

Yes, quite fitting, LOL.

You should look into this study Mr. Mur...er Satan, you can see the influence right wing media like Fox News has had on the electorate (now many people in poverty believe it is THEIR FAULT and they vote Republican!)

They are right really, those lazy bums should get off their asses and get a third part time job without health care or retirement, there are still 10 hours left in the day/night!

SpiderSolitaire said...

I am a Disaffected (& the description makes me sound like a damn redneck or something... dammit, I'ma go grab me ma gun & shoot them thur folks that made thes hur test!)