Monday, May 02, 2005

Another brush with fame

My friend told me she was impressed that I didn't give the teen heart-throb "the time of day" but there is no reason to be impressed. It was only because I am not a fan, when I am a fan I become an idiot, just like so many idiots when they run into a celebrity.

The celebrity in question was...well, I will protect his identity. I will give him a pseudonym. His name was "Karrison Geillor" from "The Hrarie Come Pompanion" on "Rublic Padio"

I have listened to his show since I was a kid. My best friend's dad was in the Powdermilk Biscuit Band and my whole family listenes to NPR. "Karrison's" voice is so familiar to me that I feel like I am hearing a family member speaking!

The night before my trip I paid a bunch of overdue bills, including my NPR memberhip, the next day, who walks on the plane but him! I have heard that he is kind of a jerk, but if so, it is not in a diva way! He was like the anti-diva. I told him about this coincidence, that he was my reward for finally paying my membership and he said "You deserve a far better reward" and I tried and tried to give him the emergency exit row and he insisted no, and he was sitting by an obese man! No diva was he.

So here is where everybody looks away in shame. I kept looking at him, and he would catch me. Its partly a habit, my jumpseat faces the passengers, and his head is where my head faces really. But it gets worse! He actually wanted to have a conversation with me, but I got star-struck tounge tied and acted like a dork! I was reading a book to prepare for the tour guide position. He asked me if I had a background in arts, meaning, am I an artist or an art history student. It was like being in Jr. High, and a cool kid talked to me. I responded to his question by stammering, going WAY too in depth of which members of my family are artists, and asking him if he knew my uncle, who works in public radio, who's wife is an artist.

The museum I will soon be volunteering at is a "Modern" art museum. But it is inappropriate to call it "modern" art, because that refers to specific art movements. So if I said "Do you like modern art" I would be excluding post-modern and post-post-modern art. So I asked "Do you like contemporary art?" He said yes, he likes the people lately who have come out of art school and taught themselves figurative landscapes. When I repeated what he said for elaboration he said "yes...thats contemporary art, but thats not what you mean, you mean conceptual art" I said "yes you are right, I am kind of new" He wasn't right, conceptual art is a specific movement in itself, I meant 20th century art, much of which is conceptual, but I am not the type of person to embarrass someone by pointing out they used the wrong word, I think it's more polite to respond to what they meant. I guess thats just me.

So I know all of you are jealous! I bet you wish you could be humiliated by a childhood hero! Well sorry, you don't get to, just me ;)


Satan said...


Diana Crabtree said...

I am sorry, but in order to protect him I cannot share with you the intricate code that protects his identity.

He is a radio personality with a show about a fictional town in the Midwest U.S. The show has been around for ages and is very popular, they are making a film about it right now (Lindsay Lohan will be in it)

If you lived in the U.S. instead of in Hell you may have heard of him. Or, maybe you have! Alot of people think of Minnesota, where his fictional town is located, as hell, because its REALLY cold in the winter!

Satan said...

Ummm... I was being facetious.

Lindsay Lohan? really? Gawd, it's bound to be a 'great' movie. *cough*no talent hack*cough* She is kinda sexy though - I great proponent of Lust : )

Satan said...

"I great proponent of Lust"

Why me talk like big Zulu chief from 1950's Tarzan film?

I've gotta learn to read what I've typed before I post it!

OG said...

ahhhhhh. now i really want ur job! next time u meet someone cool, kindly send them my way.
@ satan ROTFALMCAO!!!!

Jay said...

That is a really sweet anecdote.