Monday, May 16, 2005

Fuck Planned Obsolescence

I have been flying for two years now and the road is beginning to wear on me. It's not the work or the hotels that get to me, it's the sharp contrast of my work and home life.

When I fly, I rarely speak to my friends, unless I know their numbers by heart or have them written down. I speak with my family even less. At work I often crave conversation, as I am sometimes stuck in hotel rooms for half of a day, too short to leave but too long to just sit and watch TV. When I get home I don't want to call anyone, I crave solitude. At work I am friendly and outgoing, so the last thing I want after 4 days of work is to deal with more people.

I bought a PDA phone from a pilot and just recently set it up. It is a jewel and it makes me feel more continuity between work and home. When I want to be in touch with my friends (or they want to be in touch with me) I am available. And, I can check my e-mail from just about anywhere (except after the door is closed...That could interfere with the aircraft's communication and navigation systems)

The only problem with this particular phone, is the battery lasts a short time, and I have a Macintosh so the cradle wont plug into my computer. I had programmed a ton of stuff into the phone but lost it when the battery drained, I don't want that to happen again.

Today I went to a Mac store to get some sort of adapter. They had one for me, but I would need OS X (operating system 10), and I have 9.5. What do I need to do to get OS X? Pay $125. If I am going to pay one hundred and fucking twenty five dollars it will go towards a new computer, so I priced those. $1000 for the cheapest laptop (surprise!)

Hypothetically lets say I spend a seventeenth of my yearly income on a laptop, I could install the OS X on my desktop computer too so I could sync them (and my phone) right? Wrong. But, I could buy the $1000 dollar computer AND the $125 OS X! What a great suggestion! Wow! He also had the suggestion of me buying the $1000 dollar computer with OS X pre-installed, and then paying $199 for an OS X that can be installed on 5 computers! Wow great idea! I have a perfectly sufficient computer, but it can't be used for any of the new stuff that people use computers for, because it doesn't have OS X. What a great racket they have going there!

The day has actually been quite good (besides that.) I had a "Writing Through Art" training at the museum. Not only was it fun, but I got to hang out with a woman I completely worship. SHE approached ME and invited me out to lunch with her and her AMAZING circle of friends! (smart, current, and hilarious!) I literally LOVE AND WORSHIP these women, and am FLOORED in the fact that they have embraced me!

After lunch I applied for a scholarship at the local gym (believe it or not I may have "too high" of an income for the scholarship! Imagine my income being too high for anything!) I found a pair of running shoes for $30 and priced some backpacks for my bike.

It is a shame to allow life's little dramas to mar a perfectly lovely day. I preach a lot about the value of material things (or lack thereof) so perhaps I can shut the hell up and count my lucky stars that I have running water and electricity.

I still, however, think water would taste better in a coffee shop with a Wi Fi enabled half pound laptop the thickness of a CD. What better place to post about what a difficult life I lead?

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