Thursday, May 05, 2005

Day one, done!

I made it to work just dreading the trip. On the way to the plane I saw my buddy Bob, and shared my dread, while refusing to say "the captian's" name. He got it out of me, but only because he is my buddy. He had said "I have noticed I never see any joy in her eyes." Interesting.

On the plane Unne and I said "hi" very formally but not I-hate-youish. I was ultra-professional, and all of a sudden she can be nice to me. During our break she came in while I was telling the story of "Karrison Geillor" to the F/O and she has witnessed him, while she worked at a grocery store, doing the same thing to the bag boy that he did to me: make a huge fans feel tiny. It was nice of her to be nice to me, but I am sure its not a challenge for a Rush Limbaugh fan to cut down an NPR personality (Rush & Fox news fans hate news that is ACTUALLY fair and balanced!)

We even had a conversation during the van ride. We talked about art, fortunately the F/O threw a joke in there to ease up the seriousness of the conversation "Art reached a level of perfection when they made the dogs playing poker, they should have just stopped there"

If you guys heard me in the van you would hate me. I sounded like a pretentious fuck. I talked in a low serious voice and didn't smile. I basically was mirroring her. Ugh. How nice of her to deem me worthy of kindness this day. I am not worthy if I am relaxed, happy & giggly but still being professional in my actions. I must act like a Mainline Captain of 65, or else I guess I am immature.

In a way I sort of feel for her. As totally unfair as it is, I might not be taken seriously as a good pilot with my personality, while most of the male pilots have young personalities but are judged on their flying, not their personality. Perhaps she developed this stoic bitch-from-hell attitude to get her ditto-head friends to listen to her, I mean she IS a woman after all!

mood: surviving
behavior: pretentious ass

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