Sunday, October 07, 2007

I was right (of course I was)

A few days ago before a trip, I complained about not having enough energy. I said "I just wish I had more-" and then I realized that was completely within my control. If I want more energy, I should eat more vegetables, less fat, and excercise more!

Well, I am not excercising much, but I have reintroduced lots of veggies into my diet. I feel great! The other day I ate a sandwich covered in tons of veggies, and I felt like a million dollars! And when I eat a sleeve of Pringles, or something fried- I feel DEPRESSED!

So depressed people- start by switching from white carbs to whole grain. Then add lots of veggies to your diet. Then try to cut out the mayo & cream sauces. If you really want to feel good, get rid of the cheese too, but a little cheese isn't so bad, if it helps you stick to healthy eating. Eat slowly and drink lots of water (not sugar pop, or even diet pop) You will be amazed at how you feel!

If you have the problem of eating too few calories, try eating more (from healthy sources, whole grains, vegetables & lean protiens) you will feel healthier, and you wont have to worry about gaining weight, because these are things that are great for your health, and will rev up your metabolism instead of slowing it like starving yourselves.

The best part of Weight Watchers was not the weight loss, it was recognizing the effects food have on my mood and energy. If you are depressed, please give this idea a chance! Candy and greasy food makes you feel pleasure for a second, but if you eat more than a bite or two, it makes you MORE depressed.

Now I need to practice what I preach with excercise!

SIDE NOTE: Apparently omega 3s may help depression, bipolar, ADHD & about a million other things. Get it from fish oil pills, not flax oil, because your body absorbs them better. I suggest an "odorless" type, or you can keep them in the freezer, otherwise you get fish burps.

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