Monday, October 08, 2007

The Camera adds 10 pounds

Juan just e-mailed me a cute ad he made of me as a bauch and lomb model. It's very cute, but he put it next to a real model (I am sure it made sense to him why he did it, it look like he spent some time on it)

All I can think of is how fat I am.

It's really disappointing. I don't look that fat in the mirror. I have a photographer/graphic artist using photoshop and all those tricks, and I still look fat.

I think it would have been better if he hadn't put the pic of the real model next to mine.

How ungrateful of me (at least he e-mailed it to me, instead of showing it to me in person, where he would see my disappointment.)

UPDATE: AAAH, I get it, he made it look like it was a magazine that had been opened, one page with a model on it, the other page with my "ad" on it. It's so sweet. I will be gracious- in the morning when I'm done pouting

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