Sunday, October 21, 2007

Up till 5AM, two nights in a row.

I came to this coffee shop specifically to write this blog post. I planned for it to be long and detailed about my amazing night last night.

I wrote a great post about it on my myspace, but I don't want to copy that verbatim on here, because it shows my identity too much. And you know what, I no longer have the steam to write a post about it, but maybe I will when I am back home, laying in my bed.

It was a great night. I met talented musicians with great personalities. I got re-inspired to explore my creativity, and to learn spanish.

I also remembered why it is that I love the "alternative" circle & the counter culture. Sometimes I feel excluded by them, sometimes I feel more included by mainstream people, but creative artistic people are the ones who inspire and excite me.

I also noticed that white Americans are sometimes embarrassing. All people are, but we have an oblivious nature that makes me shake my head.

I feel very happy, and so happy that I have a friend like Juan. It was another good night.

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