Monday, October 01, 2007

I am so glad I'm not a man

How do men stand having penises? How can they survive, being so horny all the time? I am rediculously horny lately. I guess this is a good thing, right? It's a sign of depression and anxiety being reduced, but I feel like I am going to pop!

Now is the time I should see my therapist. I have been looking at craigslist (just for fun, not seriously) and looking at the ads. People are into some prety crazy stuff! I would be lying if I said it didn't excite me to fantasize about it. There are a few guys on there offering "free erotic massage" one claims to be a former professional massage therapist, that sounds pretty good to me, a free massage, with a happy ending! But come on. Fortunately I know better than that now. I am so lucky that in my wilder days I didn't get raped, killed, or an STD (I used protection, but things break, and condoms dont protect from everything)

I am hoping I can turn this energy into a good thing. Maybe it will inspire me to focus on my health more, and to be brave enough to try dating again. God I hope so.

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